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Thread Modes Method of eliminating bugs - moawad96 - 07-09-2019

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Bugs a lot of people suffer from the presence of bugs in many parts of their houses, bugs is a little bug with the color Brown, flat oval, and are considered pests. Food consists mainly of bugs human blood, as does the bite in a region of lashes, Sting appears blistered causes strong itching in the skin. Total length of bug six to nine millimeters, which are spread in different parts of the world, live from two to three months (if the bumper food availability), which comes out once every week in search of food.
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Connecting some appearance of bugs in the absence of adequate hygiene at home, but may also result from raising pets at home, or buy used furniture without making sure it is clean and examine him thoroughly, or lack of knowledge about how to prevent it, lies in the continuous feed bugs problems on the blood of residents of the House, Causing severe skin allergies, itching persists after exposure to its sting, although it does not transfer diseases should get rid of it as soon as possible.
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Description food like other kinds of insects, bug body consists of three basic parts, the head, thorax, and abdomen. It features top bug Unwin expeditious access to food sensor, two short guys in aquatic species of bugs, but they are have bed bugs, it also has two eyes help to see details of its surroundings, the bug special glands on either side of the chest. Stink to ward off enemies when they feel threatened.
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Divided into platoon bugs into several groups according to food upon which to stay, including plant eating herbs and vegetables, including predators that prey on other small insects, bed bugs that feed on the blood of animals, and is a much smaller bugs Predator. Consists of chinch mouth hose with the header custom drill to penetrate the skin of animals, and is under the head when the insect begins to suck blood, you could spend 10 minutes bug pulling blood up the saturation, and then the swell up her body and return to hide about a week waiting for hers. Coming in.
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Method of eliminating bugs 
Resort to specialized pest companies: the most effective means the first way to get rid of bugs in a quick and foolproof, so these companies looking for insects and pests around the home, get rid of it using the best and most appropriate tools.
 Plug all the holes and gaps: the longer holes and cracks of my favorite places to survive, they hide and live and reproduce inside it, so you should close any hole home, help to eliminate existing bugs and prevent future breeding.
 Using the fight against bugs: a network made of fibers and threads, this technique is based on capturing bugs to matter if, which determines the movement so can't reproduce and search for food.
 Wash all the furniture with hot water: the water should be boiling to kill all bugs in all the furniture in the House, and then exposed to direct sunlight for long enough to get rid of it completely.